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I first got my hands on a camera at 11 years old and I couldn't let go of the thing. I was endlessly fascinated by the ability to capture my surroundings and uniquely organize the material to make something provocative, emotive, and even inspiring for myself and others. To uniquely look at this fascinating experience of life through video mesmerized me to no end.

Since I was little I've been making all sorts of films for all sorts of audiences. I made the move from Seattle to Los Angeles to continue to study film in a formal setting at Biola University. From there I worked for a couple different directors in Hollywood, including Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange, Sinister) at Marvel Studios. I've bounced around, collecting all sorts of experiences and knowledge about how the film industry works, but also how pure, everyday stories are practically told.

Super 8 filmmaking is a fascinating venture for me. The warm, reminiscent, almost playful nuances of Super 8 film are completely unique, especially in our modern, digital world. Super 8 stands out from the crowd. If you have a wedding that you'd like shot on Super 8, or if you have ideas about other ways we can collaborate, please get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you!